Our Brand Story

Hi, we are Juggle.

Welcome to the world of magic and wonders. Immerse yourself to a shopping adventure, full of joy and happiness.

We believe Juggle is a place where everyone is equal. Building a culture where we feel like we belong while committed towards a common goal of doing what’s right for everyone and for the better.

Juggle is a magical innovative technology that allows you to receive reward points from everyday spending. In the enchanting realm of Juggle, you can discover a tool that seamlessly integrates into your life, offering enhanced opportunities and freedom through your daily expenses. It transforms your lifestyle, opening doors to more opportunities to living life more and having the freedom to do what you love the most. Quickly and easily turning your dreams into reality, one reward at a time.

With Juggle, embark on an exciting shopping adventure.

A Rewarding Way to Spend Your Money.

An easy-to-use rewards app that allows you to earn points with every purchase and use it on rewards that feels right for you.

Our rewards are our values. We offer reward points from numerous industries starting out from Auckland. Shop the stores you love and earn points in seconds for a seamless, convenient process everyone can enjoy. So whether you’re planning date night at a new restaurant, at a friend’s birthday party on a Friday night, treating yourself to a cup of coffee at the coffee shop, or buying the necessities at the supermarket, we ensure you get more from your daily activities.

After all, with us, you don’t have to make sacrifices. You can live where you want, do what you want, and shop however you want without overwhelming buyer’s guilt. That’s right – we grant you peace of mind with every transaction.

The Juggle Promise.

The Juggle team is composed of passionate people who are dedicated to making life easier and alleviating your wallet worries. Our innovative approach to saving and spending money yields endless opportunities to spend more time doing what you love or buy things you need.

When you shop the Juggle way, you’re guaranteed an elevated, stress-free shopping experience and a welcoming community that values your happiness. Let’s start Juggling!

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