Enchant Lifetime Customers

A Marketing Tool To Help Drive Infinite Growth

Powerful engagement and a marketing tool to help your business grow infinitely.

Stop chasing customers and enchant them to your store.

Stop chasing your customers. Make them come to you. Your customers can follow your brand to receive push notifications about product launches, deals and promotions. Target your product to the right audience.

Reward Points Boost

Quiet hours are costing your business

As quiet times are costing your business. How does slowed down hours affect your business?

During quiet hours, you  experience a decrease in customer traffic and sales. This directly translates to lower revenue, which can affect the overall financial health of your business.

When there are fewer customers, resources such as staffing, utilities, and operational costs are underutilized, leading to inefficiencies and higher operating costs relative to revenue.

Many costs associated with running a business, such as rent, insurance, and loan payments, remain fixed regardless of customer traffic. Quiet hours mean these fixed costs represent a higher proportion of overall expenses.

Consistently quiet hours may give the impression that your  business is struggling or not popular, potentially affecting the perception of your brand and deterring potential customers.

Transform slowed down hours by increasing your standard reward rate to grow infinitely with Reward Points Boost feature. 

Drive Customers to Your Store

Easily Create Deals and Promotions

Easily create new deals, promotions and discounts. Engage your customers and  increase foot traffic, improved customer retention, increase customer engagement, balanced workload, magically stimulating demand of your products and services and more which will eventually lead to increase in sales.