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Maintain Existing Customers,
Win-Back Lost Customers

Why Juggle rewards?

Gain Competitive Advantage

Zero Financial Risk

Easy to Setup
and Manage

Powerful, Engaging Marketing

Flexible Reward Rates

Build Customer
Lifetime Value

Seamless API Integration

Why should we use it?

Turn first-time customers into advocates

Annex Cloud loyalty program delivers real business results reducing acquisition costs, increasing basket size, increasing repeat purchases and lifetime value


Average Order Value


Repeat Purchases


Lifetime Value

Your effortless automated solution for managing customer communication with ease


Higher Sales Growth


Increase in customer loyalty


Increase in net profit


Percentile-point increase in customer confidence

Earn Points Effortlessly

Provide your customers an effortless way to earn loyalty points to keep driving customers to your store. No physical cards nor separate cards needed. Nothing more time taking. Your customers just need to enrol their everyday card on our app, make payment in-store or online and they receive points.

Unsplash by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Unsplash by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Partnered with Giftpay and Prezzee, catering rewards to consumers needs and wants with different reward choices. Reward (gift card) choices from 80+ brands. 

Know exactly which particular emotion drives the most revenue, what emotions you need to evoke your customers to convince them to purchase from your brand again and again

Powerful Marketing Tool

Increase Accuracy with Segmented Target Marketing

Our data-driven approach enables you to tailor upcoming marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Automate campaigns and easily tailor your message precisely to segmented cohorts depending on needs, preferences and behaviors.


Whether it's for the first paying customers,  suprising them with a coupon on their birthday, a customer who hasn't returned in x period or a thanking a customer for staying loyal for a long time, send them coupons to increase retention.

Stop Losing Customers

Acquire customers efficiently and keep them engaged with automated personalized campaigns.

Create automated offers like Welcome offers, brand birthday celebration offers, customer birthday offers, apology offers, haven’t returned offers and thank you offers to differentiated segmentations at the right timing to keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Data Driven Customer Engagement

Make Informed Decisions with Real-time Customer Feedback

Based on the emotional state of the customer, your product can then be adjusted to offer a more personalized user experience. Look for an increase in that emotion, analyse it and respond swiftly to potential crisis by providing you a real-time monitoring of what people are saying about your brand and take actionable steps. Understand what works, what doesn’t, and refine your strategy for maximum impact.

Gain deep insights into your target market's demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Understand their pain points and desires to craft highly targeted campaigns.

Market Segments

Using the data from Juggle, see how many customers are one-time purchase customers, discover why they are one-time purchase customers and work out what you need to turn them into loyal customers.

Not Returned

Customers who have not returned within an x period.

One-Time Wanderers

Customers who only make one-time purchase

Enchanted Repeaters

Number of repeat buyers

Mystic Savers

Customers using a discount when making a purchase

According to Deloitte, the ability to recognize and use emotional data at scale is one of the biggest, most important opportunities for brands going forward

It's just like Social Media, but a more accurate marketing tool that actually reaches your customers

Coming Soon For Your Customers

Tiered Loyalty Program

It’s that simple

How it works

Sign up

First sign up and we will review your application. Once reviewed, a sales representitive will be in contact with you.

API Integration

Integrate your POS (Point-of-Sale) or your online store to our Juggle’s API (Application Programming Interface). We’ve made it easy to integrate.

Pay only for results

No financial risk. No upfront cost. Pay only for the results.

Isn’t there a simpler way?

Why use API's?

Prevent Double Discounts

To prevent using discounts from another brand on top of Juggle.

Accessibility to New Marketing Tools

By integrating API’s into your system, we can easily release better marketing solutions just for you. 

Easily Track Transactions

We can easily track transactions to analyse consumer insights and how they spend for your product development and future marketing. With API’s we can easily track transactions for you.

Instead of spending a lot of budget on acquiring new customers, what about managing existing customers with Juggle?

Enchant New Customers, Retain Existing Customers, Win-back Lost Customers

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