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Boost your non-profit organisation marketing strategy with Juggle

Why Juggle?

Magical Marketing Tool For Charities

Use magic using one dashboard. Simple to use and easy to manage. Add causes and forget about it. That’s the magic of Juggle.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Marketing Tool at no cost

Easily Create Appeals

Metric Performance (KPI's)

Data & Insights

Get up-to-date Insights of Your Donors

We gather, analyse and organise information on who your donors are using data and insights for your future marketing and product development.

Donor Demographic Insights

Get donor insights and understand your audience better. Know your donors inside-out.

Metric Performance (KPI's)

Gain clarity and visibility on how well your charity is performing.

How does your organisation benefit from Juggle?

Increased Charity Visibility

Gain increased visibility and exposure to potential donors.

Improved Donor Engagement

We can provide features to communicate with donors and keep them informed about the impact of their donations.

Simplified Donation Process

We provide an easy-to-use donation process, which can help to simplify the donation process for donors.

Increased Fundraising Potential

Better target demographics and utilise a new source of donations.

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How to start fundraising?

Sign up

First sign up and we will review your application. Once reviewed, we will send you a registration link to the Merchant Portal via email.


Sign up to the Merchant Portal via the link sent to your email.

Add Listing / Causes

Add charity listing and causes through the Merchant Portal. 

Create, raise awareness and fundraise of your goals in minutes